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It’s the final countdown


So I’ve been doing the Coachella warm-up countdown over at Examiner. Gratuatous self-promotion in 3….2….1….

CLICK ME FOR FREE MONEY. Just kidding. No, but click for my articles.

Also, I’ve become a full-time writer for,which I will also pimp:

All of my articles and reviews

Both avenues are quite fulfilling and MetalRiot is growing at a fine rate. I hope to one day take down, but not for any moral reason. The site is the gold standard and to top it would be monumental. I work with a good team of people and being a part of a successful project may open up doors I never thought possible.

As for concerts, this month and the next are totally packed just so long as promoters and bands hold up their end of the bargain and let me in.

This Friday is the first time I will be seeing Sleeptytime Gorilla Museum and the last time they will ever perform again (not true, they play one more show the next night but I wanted to sound cool).

Then Coachella is NEXT WEEK OH MY GOD and that should be most exciting. No interviews scheduled this year, so it may be a bit less hectic and disappointing than last year. I need more energy for the lasers, anyway.

Saturday, the biggest metal show of all time is coming to Indio and I get to see Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and the mighty Slayer. Also, I may get to do an interview, which would I think cause me to stammer and freak out a bit.

Dredg’s new album comes out May 3rd and a show at the Roxy is due to accompany it. I’m close to being confirmed, but may have to go the night before, which isn’t too bad but I’ve never been a CD release show that didn’t involve a hometown friend being in the band.

May is sort of insane, with that Dredg show being in the same eight day period as Between the Buried and Me, Portugal The Man, Ghostland Observatory, Mogwai, and Coheed & Cambria. I’m only confirmed for the first and the last show of that list, with Coheed’s being a double set (acoustic included) and the entireity of their debut album being played with more promised content. If I do go to each and every show, it will be the best and worst week of my professional life. The pennies in clicks I get pale in comparison to how much gas I have to buy as well as time lost sitting in LA traffic as all six shows are in the City of Angels.

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History is happening right now, all right?

Slayer. Metallica. Megadeth. Anthrax. Playing Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil.” Holy metal balls.

First off, the song might not be familiar to some non-metal heads, but know this: it’s awesome. The first words are “My mother was a witch, she was burned alive. Thankless little bitch, for the tears I cried.” Calling your mom a witch at the beginning of a song is legendary.

The mass amount of hairspray on stage rivals Somalia’s dirt export potential. The video does bump to 1080, for people that can handle such bandwidth. Also, this took place in Bulgaria. For real.

My mind is somewhat blown.

More Bonnaroo to come, but I had to share such badassery.


Top 15 Coachella Moments – Push the Button

With the annual audial escape almost upon us, it is time for a touch of intra-retro-spection. In two months I will visit the plush, green polo fields of Indio, California. Greeted by thousands of my fellow audiophiles, I will sleep under the desert sky and sweat under its sun. During the time in between, however, I will be entertained beyond measure.

These are the top fifteen most entertaining shows of my five year experience. Few of them are amazing solely for their performance alone, but rather the culmination of events leading up to the show or the significance of the set.

I started with 20 moments. I whittled it down, but ten didn’t seem big enough to encapsulate all the different stuff that has happened over the years. The list has yet to be finished, but I instantly knew which would be number #15 and the perfect way to start the countdown.

It all starts with Moon Pies.


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