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Dr. Lemmy (or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love 2011)

Oh, Lemmy.
















You grizzled Adonis. You Saint of Beer. You destroyer of ear drums.

The last time I saw Motorhead was nine years ago and it was amazing. The moled man you see before you opened the Concord Pavillion with a question:

“Con-cord, eh? Never been here before.”

Then they proceeded to whoop everyone’s ass for an hour. It was the best opening act I could have seen as a 16-year old, especially seeing as how Dio and Iron Maiden were next.. The power trio finally made sense and witnessing those same three men playing just as fast at a higher volume nearly a decade later was most excellent. In my review, I mention how the band is very cross-generational, something that grabs attention from all shapes and sizes, but I think they are in an echelon only shared with the great AC/DC. Maybe greater!

Enough hyperlinking…let’s get onto the longwinded portion of today’s topic: 2011 album releases!

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Rise to Submission

I’m a sucker for a double album.

This has nothing to do with quality, as most turn out to be sprawling, uncooperative pleasure fests that arrive from a band’s lack of personal editing. It’s the idea of it that thrills me. Quite like a 500-page book or a 3-hour movie; lengthening must mean enhancing, right?

Sadly, this next album was supposed to be one half of such a project, but the label involved squashed that idea.

There are fewer stars in the sky than times I’ve told a story that involved the phrase “but the label…”

Five songs and an acoustic jam, with all songs passing the 10 minute mark. Heaviest blackness Sweden can produce. Can you guess it?

Cue the dueling banjos…