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Lady Gaga can die and go to hell

Being a nerd has hidden, dark qualities that interfere with life. My gravitational pull often sucks in mundane things like statistics and computation into subjects nobody is asking to be thought of in such a manner. My fixation will not end until I see a percentage of some sort and I feel like I learned something nobody has before. I don’t feel better about myself when I am through as much as I’m satisfied to complete the task.

The subject this time is The Queen of Zeitgeist, Lady Gaga.

The young lady behind the makeup has become a one-woman wrecking ball of entertainment. Sure, she has a gigantic team consisting of press, hair, makeup, wardrobe, PR, dancers, musicians, and travel…but if she doesn’t perform exactly right for her 90 minutes, everything would fall apart. While this is “rock n’roll” and her insane tour schedule is grueling (more on that later), one aspect of her, well, entire career I have an issue with is the one thing that makes this entire circus possible: money.


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Slipping My Compact Disc

Moving is awful. It involves much physical labor with little reward, that hopefully you’ve suckered a friend into suffering through as well. You also have to look at and judge everything you own to determine if it is going with you or if you’re breaking up.

I’ve been in my current residence for a few months, and due to its small size, clearing out things that I do not use or need is a worthy venture. The item I have the very most of and use the very least is my daunting pile of CD’s. I’ve been a collector for any years, importing from across the globe and raiding crates at dirty record stores. My friend and I made a deal to call the other if we were ever in Berkeley and find out what was a required purchase.

After doing some research, I found to be a trusty and easily manageable way to sell my music collection. They take a cut of course, but they also credit for shipping costs and with something as small and cheap as a plastic disc, it works out in my favor. I have over 500 items to eventually list and I started with my Metallica discography. It was sort of sad parting with something it had taken me years to comprise, but after a week of selling and earning over $100, the sorrow went away when I was able to pay my rent.

Thanks to technology, the audio has been pristinely replicated on multiple hard drives, ensuring no loss of either quality or quantity. In the coming days I’m going to share some experiences with the album, the band, a concert I attended, or some other wacky occurrence somehow related to each disc I sell.

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