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Lady Gaga can die and go to hell

Being a nerd has hidden, dark qualities that interfere with life. My gravitational pull often sucks in mundane things like statistics and computation into subjects nobody is asking to be thought of in such a manner. My fixation will not end until I see a percentage of some sort and I feel like I learned something nobody has before. I don’t feel better about myself when I am through as much as I’m satisfied to complete the task.

The subject this time is The Queen of Zeitgeist, Lady Gaga.

The young lady behind the makeup has become a one-woman wrecking ball of entertainment. Sure, she has a gigantic team consisting of press, hair, makeup, wardrobe, PR, dancers, musicians, and travel…but if she doesn’t perform exactly right for her 90 minutes, everything would fall apart. While this is “rock n’roll” and her insane tour schedule is grueling (more on that later), one aspect of her, well, entire career I have an issue with is the one thing that makes this entire circus possible: money.


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When she wrote me a letter she said she couldn’t live without me no more…

Alex Chilton died this past week, and the music industry lost a private pioneer in the process.

Most people don’t know who this guy is, but know his work one way or another. Whether it was with The Box Tops or Big Star, the guy was a pop genius. After my rant last post about the vapid nature of the music industry, I find it strange how someone so good at writing meaningless pop songs could still make them mean something.

If you ever watched That 70’s Show, then you definitely know his contribution with Big Star.

I’m not a huge fan of Chilton’s, but his simple songwriting is a lost art in today’s industry of noise. It’s more about who can out-do one another with tricks and gimmicks, and less about substance and creativity.

Speaking of which, my girlfriend was excited to get tickets for an upcoming Lady Gaga concert…until we went to the Staples Center website and found out tickets were over $100 a pop.

How can someone with only one album justify this? Somebody that little girls look up to (whether that’s good or not is another subject) charging an outrageous fee in today’s economy for a two-hour show seems irresponsible. Does she really believe her worth is nearly 1/4th of a million dollars per show?

The sad thing is that the show is sold out, as I’m sure every show will be. The people have spoken. Gaga is worth that much to society.

I get it for the Stones or for Barbara Streisand. Hell, I even get it for the Eagles and Radiohead. But for someone who gets more attention for her fashion and sheer existence than what she puts on record, it seems a little much. Her record label is already raking in a fortune between merch, ring tones, album sales, appearances, and I’m sure more marketing is in the works to make this single album stretch out for as long as possible. And just when we all get sick of it…BOOM…another album, following the same lines will be released to the same hungry crowd.

For her sake, I hope it doesn’t follow this trend, the same trend the teen princesses of the 90’s followed all the way to the bank. If she is the next Madonna, then re-inventing herself will be the only way to keep her fresh and appealing.

But $100 bucks a ticket…sheesh. There better be free parking and stock options.

I doubt Alex Chilton would have ever charged $100 a ticket, even during the height of his career.

I understand that people aren’t making money on albums anymore and you have to recoup that somewhere else. This M.O. stinks of the current American mindset of too much is never too much. Like asking a C.E.O. “How rich is rich enough? One million? Two million?” the answer is always the same:

Whatever I can get.

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Lightning round – round 3

Back again with some quick words about some excellent music.

Avett Brothers – Second Gleam

The Southern brothers delivered a follow-up to The Gleam with a few more quaint ditties about life, love, and death. This time the gimmick doesn’t live up to the expectation, as most sound like outtakes of solo albums instead of tried-and-true Avett Brothers offerings. The track “Murder in the city” is the stand-out and makes the album work, as its absence would leave you wondering where the heart was. The lyrics are simple and beautiful.

If i get murdered in the city/Don’t go revengin in my name/One person dead from such is plenty/No need to go get locked away

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