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Cavernous Cuts: Droppin this heat like an asteroid

I don’t often profile rap or hip hop on this blog. This is a serious error of mine, as I have been a fan of both for years and somehow my attempt to show off the rarest/best/weirdest stuff I own never leads me down the gangster path.

Today I try and rectify this with my early vote for album of the year by the unlikeliness of candidates: a  half white/half Native American former homeless skateboarder from Alabama.


Bass in the trunk make the whole town wobble


top 15 bonnaroo moments: #7 – I’m not going this year!

Vacations are expensive. Not just in how much money you spend, but for how much you aren’t earning by going out and having a good time. Add in the travel pains, the sleeping and living conditions and you can see why I’ve said the phrase “I’m not going this year” twice. I said it this year and I held to it.

If you arrive to Bonnaroo, get your tent set up, get your food situated and living arrangements handled, then you can breathe that sweet sigh of relief. The hassle has been worth it. But getting from buying your tickets months in advance to watching amazing music is a very long journey that will cost you as much time as it will cash and energy.

This balance often makes me not want to even put the effort into the entire thing. That was until the artist list is announced…

2009 had two acts that I could not pass up. This is the first, and the second is a little later in the list, but both made it an impossibility for me to miss the mud, sweat, and tears that Bonnaroo provides. To be able to cross this band off of my list felt amazing, because I thought they were past their prime and never going to tour the same again.

Thank Jebus I was wrong.

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