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$100/hr parking FTW

Pardon the internet shorthand, I only wish to get right to the point with how tremendously adversarial the forces of the universe were last Friday night before the Glassjaw concert. I touched on it with my review (click here) but the world was seriously out to get me.

I moved down to Long Beach without more than a sniff of the local terrain: I’ve been to Coachella half a dozen times, Disneyland twice, and that’s it. I don’t know my way around anything as I’ve never casually strolled through Sunset Blvd or down Rodeo Drive, and I certainly don’t bring any sense of direction to the table as it took me 18 years to map out my hometown just in time for me to move away for college. When preparing for a trek into the City of Angels, I rely on technology to give me a sneak peak into the world of motor vehicles I am about to enter. GPS, traffic view, maps, alternate routes, and lots of cursing went into figuring out my path.

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t pretty.

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First Show of the Year!!!

Sorry for the exclamation points, but I am aflutter with the sun being back out and me being back in a tiny venue with loud music playing.

Murder By Death is my first band of 2011 and one I am fond of for multiple, brilliant reasons. I mean brilliant in the British sort of way, although the band is from Indiana so no relevance there.

Oh well.

Picking a song is really tough to demonstrate the value of this band so I think an Iron Chef platter is deserved.

I love concept albums and I love literary references: nerdy music is well thought out music. Time and effort is put into being meticulous and creative and the type of art that includes all of the great aspects of other art I love is more than worthwhile. So if you cannot properly pronounce “cello” or appreciate the subtlety of a violin or horn section, then please turn away as there is nothing to see here for you.

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