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What I’ve been up to…

The Bonnaroo blog is coming along and I’m nearly done with the next post…

But in the meantime I’ve been writing in other arenas. I have had the chance to interview a handful of artists, but last week I had my best interview yet. Tommy Rogers of Between the Buried and Me has been an inspiration and excellent musician for many, many years. The metal kid inside of me was stoked when I got to talk to the man himself.

The interview is here and it was in support of a small tour they were on.

I caught the LA show of that tour and reviewed it here. It was fairly excellent, but made me miss the old venues in the Bay Area I went to before moving. The dingy, sweaty, unforgiving, cramped boxes that somehow fit amps, musicians, and 300 fans. Nothing rivals those experiences, and as cool as it is to see those bands grow and fill arenas with a gigantic occupancy, I still yearn for those dirty shows. Those venues seem to foster the metal kid mentality, whereas a classy joint like Hollywood Palladium has a legacy to maintain and respect. I’m not saying I’d like to set the place on fire, but the possibility of that happening always made those shows more fun. The anarchy factor has gone down considerably.

I’m interviewing Boots Riley of The Coup and, more recently, Street Sweeper Social Club for some insight into the Rock the Bells tour. It’s an amazing collaboration of classic and current hip-hop/rap artists, with the stars recreating their definitive albums live.

Here is a list of shows that I MIGHT be covering soon, along with interviews I hope:

August 12th – Coheed and Cambria/Porcupine Tree at Hollywood Palladium

August 21 – Rock The Bells

Sep 16/17 – Primus at Club Nokia

Sep 28 – Nevermore at Key Club

Oct 2 – Matt and Kim at Henry Fonda

Oct 14th – Devin Townsend at Key Club

Oct 30/31 – Tiger Army at Grove of Anaheim

Nov  24  -Black Mountain and Black Angels at El Rey

More posts to come, I swear!


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