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First Show of the Year!!!

Sorry for the exclamation points, but I am aflutter with the sun being back out and me being back in a tiny venue with loud music playing.

Murder By Death is my first band of 2011 and one I am fond of for multiple, brilliant reasons. I mean brilliant in the British sort of way, although the band is from Indiana so no relevance there.

Oh well.

Picking a song is really tough to demonstrate the value of this band so I think an Iron Chef platter is deserved.

I love concept albums and I love literary references: nerdy music is well thought out music. Time and effort is put into being meticulous and creative and the type of art that includes all of the great aspects of other art I love is more than worthwhile. So if you cannot properly pronounce “cello” or appreciate the subtlety of a violin or horn section, then please turn away as there is nothing to see here for you.

Still here?


Holy Christ on a Cracker, I’ve Been Busy

After getting the job with The Examiner, I didn’t expect to be working a whole lot. I figured an occasional band might stroll into town, and maybe something appealing would be nearby…but that was before concert season started. Now I’m adding hundreds of miles to my car and paying for parking more than a funeral procession.

What have I been up to, you ask? Ok, you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

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top 15 bonnaroo moments: #7 – I’m not going this year!

Vacations are expensive. Not just in how much money you spend, but for how much you aren’t earning by going out and having a good time. Add in the travel pains, the sleeping and living conditions and you can see why I’ve said the phrase “I’m not going this year” twice. I said it this year and I held to it.

If you arrive to Bonnaroo, get your tent set up, get your food situated and living arrangements handled, then you can breathe that sweet sigh of relief. The hassle has been worth it. But getting from buying your tickets months in advance to watching amazing music is a very long journey that will cost you as much time as it will cash and energy.

This balance often makes me not want to even put the effort into the entire thing. That was until the artist list is announced…

2009 had two acts that I could not pass up. This is the first, and the second is a little later in the list, but both made it an impossibility for me to miss the mud, sweat, and tears that Bonnaroo provides. To be able to cross this band off of my list felt amazing, because I thought they were past their prime and never going to tour the same again.

Thank Jebus I was wrong.

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Top 15 Bonnaroo Moments: #9 – Ask around the streets man I’m certified, cross seas all my customers are satisfied

Cuzinmank has the intro to this set, and this band, so I shall show it now. It’s the song I like to call “High School Dance Jam”

We gonna rock this mother****er til the wheels come off…


Top 15 Bonnaroo Moments: #10 – How do you hide a dollar from Omar?

“Tie it to a bar of soap!”

I love when bands make fun of each other.

The joke would have been much funnier if those telling it didn’t come out later than their call time, already pegged for 1:30 in the morning. The show ended at 4am and it was one of the few that I stayed up to watch all of without getting tired. The promoter’s had to let them play all night; their music cannot be contained.

Not too many famous Omar’s out there…


Top 15 Bonnaroo Moments: #12 – Flash Before My Eyes, Now It’s Time To Die

The diversity of Bonnaroo means a diversity of headliners. Coachella plays it generally safe, while Bonnaroo can potentially piss off dozens of thousands of hippies with the wrong band at the top of the poster. The first few years they chose the safe route, with a string of jambands and acoustic sweethearts. Anything Phish, Greatful Dead, or String Cheese related guaranteed the ticketbuyers would be getting a slice of their counter culture music and something to roll joints to during the three hour set.

But more recently the headliners have been with culture, providing a large landscape for popular bands to reign supreme. Some of the decade’s biggest acts have commanded that gigantic stage and there may be non bigger than the following band…

Hell, I’ll let Chris Rock to the introductions:

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Top 15 Bonnaroo Moments: #14 – A Different Kind of Rock

Every year, Bonnaroo has this magical place known as the Comedy Tent. For the slow, that’s a tent where comedy is performed.

The place is always impossible to get into, and I’ve yet to catch a single performance in six years of going. Honestly, I gave up the first year and haven’t been proven wrong since.

The tent has air conditioning, so the line starts forming once the gates open and people camp out for that spot more aggressively than a Phish fan hugs the rail for Trey Anastasio. Sorry, that’s a reference for our jamband fans out there. I eyeball it each day, but the line is always never worth the joy…or is it? I’ve never been inside, so maybe it’s the best thing of all time.

Regardless, Bonnaroo did something very kind for those of us that couldn’t commit to that line day after day, year after year. Finally, there was to be a stand up performance outside and on the main stage.

Hell yes!

Cracker-ass cracker!

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