First Show of the Year!!!

Sorry for the exclamation points, but I am aflutter with the sun being back out and me being back in a tiny venue with loud music playing.

Murder By Death is my first band of 2011 and one I am fond of for multiple, brilliant reasons. I mean brilliant in the British sort of way, although the band is from Indiana so no relevance there.

Oh well.

Picking a song is really tough to demonstrate the value of this band so I think an Iron Chef platter is deserved.

I love concept albums and I love literary references: nerdy music is well thought out music. Time and effort is put into being meticulous and creative and the type of art that includes all of the great aspects of other art I love is more than worthwhile. So if you cannot properly pronounce “cello” or appreciate the subtlety of a violin or horn section, then please turn away as there is nothing to see here for you.

Lead singer Adam Turla brings his love for great epic poetry and resolute classic ideals about sin, love, and war to the musical table. I had the opportunity to interview him before the show, and then give a review of the performance, as well.

Enjoy the last track on their third album, entitlted “Spring Break 1899”

So, the rest of the year is starting to come together wonderfully.

– The Press Conference for Revolver’s Golden God Awards are next week and I might be attending. Alice Cooper and Chris Jericho will be there, so I’m fairly pumped.

– GlassJaw is the following day, back in LA. I’ve been trying to see this band for six years and I FINALLY get to (maybe not, don’t want to jinx it)

– Tapes n Tapes is playing where Murder By Death did…excellent venue for their type of music. Very excited for this one.

– Potentially I will be able to see Queens of the Stone Age in April, Coheed in May (playing all of their first album), and The Big 4 a week after Coachella! These are all not-confirmed, but hopefully planets are aligning as you read this and I will be sent on more magical adventures to report the grand times.

Also, Bonnaroo has announced it’s lineup and I think it is excellent. Cuzin Mank and I may return to our stomping grounds, and mayhaps with photo and press passes in hand! We dont any cool access, but it helps when we already take good photos and create great memories. Now we can share them professionally with our friends and the rest of the world.

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1 Response to “First Show of the Year!!!”

  1. 1 cuzinmank
    02/16/2011 at 11:45 pm

    Dude wouldnt that be something? i have an epic scheme in mind for the whole thing oooo boy i hope it materializes into reality. And on the note of the sun being back out TOTALLY know what you mean dude feel like reborn! long live the sun!…i bet i hate those words out on the farm =)

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