Cavernous Cuts: Droppin this heat like an asteroid

I don’t often profile rap or hip hop on this blog. This is a serious error of mine, as I have been a fan of both for years and somehow my attempt to show off the rarest/best/weirdest stuff I own never leads me down the gangster path.

Today I try and rectify this with my early vote for album of the year by the unlikeliness of candidates: a  half white/half Native American former homeless skateboarder from Alabama.


Before I begin, I promise not to compare or rank Yelawolf in anyway. Nothing gets hip hop heads more pissed then touching the holy pecking order. It’s like console fanboys raving about the obvious excellence of their beloved product. Also, some people on a hip hop forum laughed at me for my Nas article, so I’m watching myself.

Here is what I wrote after checking him out at last year’s “Rock The Bells” tour.

Yelawolf from Alabama works very hard in this live setting. His flow is constant and the guy must have gills or some other averse way of breathing while spitting out words faster than Mr. Bucket. Sadly, the crowd was being let in later than normal, and the opener on the smaller Paid Dues stage was performing in front of maybe two dozen people. With his eyes focused on the back of the building, the young opener performed like he was the headliner and kept his skills showcased regardless of the venue’s capacity.

Well 2011 is here and the EP “Trunk Muzik” is the first piece of excellence in what should be a strong year for music. I declined writing a top ten for 2010 as I couldn’t even name more than five good albums from the past 52 Tuesdays. Already The Decemberists and Cage the Elephant are proving rock isn’t dead, and now Jay-Z and Kanye are breathing new life into their art. But with Yelawolf, the only expectation is to be another white rapper and that is exactly what he is not.

The vocalist is able to make music with his rhymes by hitting a sort of verbal slipstream: shifting gears mid sentence before drifting around a sharp turn. When matched with ferocious bass and beats that don’t scream “Play me in the club” it’s a thing of beauty. There are a couple of obvious club hits tucked inside, but it’s more of a “Look what I can do” card in his stacked deck of a dozen tracks.

Check out this excellent review that would only make any review I wrote look like failure. It also embeds a few more excellent tracks, all of which made it extremely tough to pick a single entry. I took the title track and opener, as it showcases all of his skills evenly, and gives a nice preview to the effort of the whole project. I highly suggest making this your newest purchase and prepare to have all the other songs bouncing between your ears fade away.

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  1. 01/12/2011 at 7:39 am

    Thanks for the kind words fam.

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