Top 15 Coachella Moments: #13 – Ain’t No Party in a Sad, Sad City

I don’t know a single word from a single song from this band. I don’t own any albums nor know the intimate details of the members in it. What I do know, however, is that I’ve seen them twice in the dark hours of the night and both times I came away impressed and dumbfounded.

Here we have a two piece band (a DJ/drummer and singer/guitarist) that focused on delivering a solid live performance and providing the right type of music to make your booty shake and your brain melt.

#13: Ghostland Observatory – 2009

I’ve gone to a lot of shows and seen a lot of attempts to entertain using lights and music, but nothing, not a single act, compares to Ghostland Observatory. The “More is More” philosophy works so well with this act. Every color and size and shape known to man (and beyond) is on display while a half-harpy/half-man lays down some funky lines.

During the always important ‘What was the best thing you saw today?” conversation that happens nightly after Coachella, the overwhelming consensus was “Ghostland fucking Observatory.”

What I like about this band stems more from their persona than their music, which is not bad. I like that they can hold their own in a genre that constantly demands the same thing of its artists. Speed, lasers, bass…repeat ad naseum until all the red bulls and Ecstasy is gone and the ravers have gone home. These guys don’t follow in those footsteps and have honestly created a niche in the musical world, which is hard as hell to do nowadays.

Apologies are in order, as the video quality is not fantastic, but the audio is solid and it is impossible for a lens to pick up all the frantic lasers and lights kaleidoscoping back and forth.

If they come around to your town, go see them. Coachella provided the perfect landscape for these artists and I hope to see them again sometime soon.

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