The Devil is never a maker. The less that you give, you’re a taker

Until the end of time, men and women will argue and fight over which version of Black Sabbath is the best. Is it the cocaine and horror fueled Ozzy Osbourne of the 70’s? The riffs, the sound, the movement that was Black Sabbath in their heyday…it’s hard to compete with that.

But when Heaven and Hell came out in 1980, it was like a breath of fresh air into a stale music industry, and a chance at new heights for a band that looked like the end was totally nigh. I love Ozzy, but the man is not a singer. He is a frontman, through and through, and performs his ass off and has for a quarter-century, but his pipes are nothing compared to most of his ilk, especially Sir Dio.

But let’s be honest with ourselves. It doesn’t matter which singer you like better, because Sabbath is and will always be Tony Iommi. This man is singlehandedly responsible for heavy metal as a movement. His guitar playing and creativity molded every band since. The man had the tips of his middle and ring finger ripped of when he was 17 and THEN made the music we worship today. Take that, Fall Out Boy.

Back to the album at ear…er..hand, most of my friends and family think they know Black Sabbath, but until you give this disc a spin, you don’t know the full story. “Neon Knights”, “Die Young”, and of course “Heaven and Hell”, really define the band as much as “Iron Man.” Give the little elf man a chance!

Here’s lookin’ at you, Dio

Sadly, after I finished writing this, I found out that Dio has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. The man is 67 and is a legend. I’ve had the chance to see him once when I was in high school. It was a superb line-up of Motorhead, followed by Dio, headlined by Iron Maiden. All for about 20 bucks in Concord. My metal heart grew three times the size that day.


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